FES is a nonprofit foundation that provides support to communities and nonprofit organizations so they can focus on fulfilling their missions. For over 30 years, FES has served the needs of those who serve their communities such as hospitals, schools, and other nonprofit organizations. We help these organizations with a professional image and promotion, with IT security, and with setting up their networks or their websites. Our mission is to help you focus on yours.

We're here to help.

Marketing Services

Our team of marketing specialists and designers are ready to help your organization create a professional image and better promote yourself to those you serve.

SOCS Websites

FES has been helping communities, schools and community-based nonprofits with websites for over 12 years under the name SOCS. We design and host sites with a content management system – so everyone in your organization can make updates to your site. We currently host over 600 SOCS websites.

it security

If you work with confidential information, you need to have a network security plan in place. Our security experts can help you assess your protocols as well as your external vulnerabilities then customize a plan that fits your needs and situation.

Network Services

FES can be your network operations if you don’t have the resources for this or just need some extra help. We’re here to help you focus on your mission, not your network.

contact us

  • 1300 O Street
  • Lincoln, NE 68508
  • 800.850.8397

See the Services section for individuals to contact regarding specific needs.